We’re Going Minimal In 2019

2019 is here and just like every year. we make resolution that lasts for 2 months and we are back to the same old stuff. 

This year, I don’t just wanna make a resolution for the sake of it. This year. we will focus on action more so then a promise. I need your help with it. 

(I sure hope you noticed the redesign of my website, to invite a new year with fresh ideas, do let me know your feedback on the same.)

Since the past year, I’ve flirted with the ideas of living minimal. I’ve learned a lot from the best of the industry. Following many experts and experimented myself on some aspects of it and I have genuinely been happy with the results. But I think it’s time for me to take it all In. 

No, I am not going to throw away everything I own for the sake of Minimalism. we’ll let it sink in. One by one. Tried and tested methods to live a rich life. 

So here are some of things I’v learned from Minimalism and things we’ll try to learn this year. 


It’s less about materials, but more about quality materialism. 

I’ve heard countless people say that minimalism is about living with less and getting rid of things. No, If you love that jacket or that book. Keep it. If something brings you value. You should probably keep it. That’s what minimalism is all about. 

Less materials (that we never use), but more quality things that actually make you happy. 


Bringing systems in place.

If you’ve lived like a bachelor. You know how messy it can get. Thats exactly why we all need a system to know where the things should be and where it belongs. My goal will be to make life as systematized and automated as possible so I can focus on the bigger things. That includes online and offline. 


Living the simple life

I hate shopping, or generally buying anything. If I have the option to stay in office or go for a 100% off sale. You know what I am going to do. But living a simple life can be good and very affordable too. I hope to experiment with the kind of things I love and what really makes me value in the long run. I have a simple equation for this. 

If I’m not willing to wear or use it for the next 2 years. I won’t buy it. 

Also in terms of quality. If it doesn’t last 2 years. wont buy it. 

This helps me to spend less on repetitive purchase of the same thing and also gives me peace of mind. 

Decluttering my mind and life is my goal for 2019.


We’ll begin from day one and I invite you to join in this journey. I’ll keep sharing more information as I learn. Do share yours in the comment below. If you are feeling shy. Just give me a shout out on hi{@}chirag.co

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