The Science of Binaural Beats – Does it really work?


One day, while I was just trying to research on how to improve memory and increase stimulation for cognitive process. I’ve come across many solutions. But mostly it was about diet, exercise, brain games and so on. And then there was Binaural Beats. It promises to increase memory or brain power with the help of sounds. Well, that was interesting. 

If you could just listen to sounds to make you smarter & healthier? Isn’t that convenient. 

So then I began researching, and here’s how it goes. If you have read my previous article on Biokinesis, it uses music or sounds to alter the DNA of a person to change the color of eyes. Similarly binaural beats uses sounds to synchronize brain waves to change mental state. If done right over a period of time. So how does it actually work?

Today, we will find out.

Binaural beats basically works on the principle of entrainment. Binaural auditory beats actually means that the frequency of a beat any human ears will be able to hear. We can only listen to beats that are below 1000 hz. And the difference of beat in the left (for eg 400 hz) and right ear (410 hz), in here the difference of 10 hz is what we call binaural beats. 

For it to effective work, the beats has to be of a certain hz and should match the brainwave of the desired output needed for it to work.

There are 4 types of brain waves.

  • Delta (1-4 Hz) associated with deep sleep
  • Theta (4-8 Hz) associated with creativity, memory, meditation
  • Alpha (8-13 Hz) related with active learning, reduced stress and
  • Beta (14-24 Hz) dominates during alert state.

For example, we take Theta waves which are used to improve memory in a person can be in between 4-8 hz. Similarly different waves have their own different quality enhancement abilities.

I’ll just drop this chart to help you understand the frequency it covers.

So in order to achieve a certain results, we need to hear the sounds that resonates with a certain frequency.

So does it really affect your cognitive ability or Memory Power?

According to a research done at IJSSET Professor Ritu Kalyan,  “Out of 19 electrodes used for the brain map, 13 electrodes showed significant change in theta dominance in majority of subjects. the results show that alpha frequency has indeed positive effects on theta where frontal, parietal and temporal areas of brain are affected more significantly by audio entrainment” You can read the full paper here.

So scientifically it does help you to boost your memory power as long as you listen to the beats. Does it really have long term results on you?

While there’s no scientific proof that Binaural beats will help you to increase your mind power over long time. Similar studies suggests that it helps to make the waves a habit in your mind by forming neurons with the similar structure. Thus it might still be there waiting to resurrect.


The Modern Magic Pill?

Since most of the websites that I have searched on the internet for finding the content for binaural beats. It has always been marketed as this modern advanced drug that you can just listen to and make your life all glamorous and reduce stress or something without doing much.

The truth is, binaural beats has been around for thousands of years. Ancient cultures and Buddhist Monk has been known to associate a certain sound to their culture, giving significance for prosperity that helms among them. But of course it’s been natural sounds. Unlike our current science backed (sort of) that promises the alternative.

Nonetheless, the popularity of binaural isn’t to be blame for the current fad on this subject. It sure seems to work on a certain level. Entrainment shows positive signs that it does affect the brainwaves. How much and how long it lasts? We don’t know yet.

What do you think about Binaural Beats? Have you ever tried?

Let me know in the comments below.

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