The One Mistake You Can’t Afford While Building Your Startup

Most of the startups I have observed just can’t seen to get their minds around it. Time is like water, it will flow no matter how many rocks you throw at it. Instead of throwing rocks, why don’t you focus on building a dam and control the water.

That one mistake is losing out on Opportunity. Once an opportunity is lost. You can never get it back. But you can work around it to either pitch a better play then the one you were offered.

Once you receive an amazing opportunity, its time to take the action. get involved and the most easiest way to snatch the opportunity is to just care about it. Most people don’t care if they get the opportunity or just let it pass. Don’t be that most people. Work hard for it and prove that you deserve it. The next time you get a opportunity to get a project or partner up with another company for providing a better product or service. Just give your best shot and show wholeheartedly that you just care. more then most and you got it. Try this one.

After spending 5 years in the startup industry and meeting countless entrepreneurs and cracking so many deals. I have learned some simple yet so much effective lessons that almost always got me the opportunity. Here are some that you will find useful:


1. If you want to lose the opportunity, take it up on email: That’s all it takes, if you want to get that development project. Just tell the person to mail you the details. There you go, you just lost it. This is freaking 21st century and people hate emailing little information. Only tell anyone to email you when it can’t be said on call or chat. If its something very much detailed. Take it up on email. Use it as last resort.


2. Calling still works: The easiest way to mitigate the communication gap still remains to be calling. You know why that works? Because we are still only human and we crave human connection more then anything. Next time you get any opportunity to call that investor. Just go for it. Make sure to look at the time while you are at it. call them at 3am won’t do the trick.


3. Enthusiasm makes it fun: Lets just assume I have two vendors namely Raj and Harsh waiting to get my project. Raj is a professional person who is always on time and sent me the proposal on email and gets at the meeting a bit early and then theres Harsh. He is an fun loving person shows how much this project means to him and how it connects to what he has been doing and shares his experience and is always enthusiastic about the work. So who gets the job? You know the answer.


4. It’s more then just a opportunity: Business or a startup is more then just an opportunity or a deal. Its a long term investment which is much more then money. Its about life and the more time you invest, you are exchanging your breathe in exchange of something that has to be that much precious. One thing that always surpasses money is long term relationship. Not with a company but with the person. Let this change your mindset about how to manage that next meeting.


Conclusion: There’s no excuse of not trying, you will always lose but don’t quit without trying. That in itself will take you far enough on the horizon that you can say to yourself that you made it. Good luck on your journey.

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