The Black Hole Theory – Breaking the Barriers of Mindset and Perspective


We often understand that the world around us doesn’t work as per our will. It often creates situations and we try to solve it or understand it in our own way. Sometimes learning a thing or two in the process.

Whatever case that may be, it’s mostly assumed that the world around us don’t work as per our own will. Well if it just MAY. Let’s assume that you want to make some things happen. Like building a team for your next big idea. You go around talking to people, out of tens of hundreds of people you talk to, some will eventually agree to partner up with you. I did exactly the same thing, sort of. I only posted the need about team on a Facebook post and managed to find my partner and already been working alongside him and a team of 7 other amazing guys for 2 years now. so how is that sometimes we tend to find the right things in the most unexpected place?

The solution may just be our mindset and what I call “the Black Hole Theory” *drum rools*. Let’s dive deep into what I am trying to explain.

All of us are unique in our own ways, our thinking process, lifestyle and problem solving capabilities. So that also means that my perspective of looking at things are very different than someone who drives a Lamborghini and travels the world year long.

The difference here is, we all live in our own world. barred by our own mind and the restrictions it created for us. That’s void around us is what I call the black hole. Most of us will be able to break through that void and be immensely successful, free of desires, and achieve the life they want. But well most don’t.

Then if this invisible void is created by our mind and is the result of our childhood and all the poison that been reaped upon us since forever. how do we get rid of it, you ask?

Quite recently, I had this conversation with my best friend and a mind trainer cum business coach Mansyij Das about what could be the right solution for this and he said:

“Chirag, everything you do and act is a result of only two things, what you learned in the past (how you are programmed) and what you desire (the destination you are trying to achieve). these two things limit our will to act, going beyond that is the only solution to breaking the barriers of mindset and perspective. Finding a higher goal in life, bigger then you and the world around you is the only way to break that.”

That was a life changing advice and I’ve been trying to work on that and I hope you do too. Good luck in your endeavor. Stay tuned. I will be back.

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