Tangerine ORM

Tangerine is an online and digital agency that offers online branding and advertising services. We understand how to leverage the digital media space to optimize brand communications in an attempt to increase potential business.

We strive to create communication with that extra zest. We believe in exposing your ideas, being creative because it’s the little things that make the real change! One correct tag line or an out of the box logo, can make a good brand GREAT!

Marketing sans Engagement is passé. As the Internet occupies the centrestage, engagement with the target audience is imperative to any business model. Our marketing and communications solutions are aimed at building brand equity by smartly engaging our clients with their prospective consumers.

Our services include:
Social Media Marketing – Establishing consumer-brand connect
Internet and Email Marketing- Reaching out to target audience and optimizing brand message
Website Design and Development-Designing and developing websites as per client need
Print Communications – Design, Print and Development
Logo Creation and Customization of Print Materials

DATE  :  Nov 2015