Here’s what I’m up to right NOW.


What am I currently reading, working on, and bingeing on Netflix? Find out below…


Hi, I’m Chirag

I’ve Currently: 

  1. Enjoying my stay in Bangalore, the weather is quite amazing.
  2. Working with Mobiux Labs as Product Manager.
  3. Working from Bhive, HSR Layout, Are you around? Say hi.  


Things I’ve Enjoyed Recently:

  1. Exploring this amazing new city. I love the people here although I don’t understand their language which feel weird. I could understand 5 languages. But Kannada & Malayalam is not one of them. I am picking up the basic lingual. 
  2. Reading Autobiography of a Yogi
  3. Bingeing Space Force. please recommend something. tweet me


This page was last updated on 10th June, 2020; NOW page inspired by Derek Sivers

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