Dopamine Fast – The Fastest Way to Get Your Life Together

The current generation is a sucker for content consumption. I know I am. I spend an average of one hour on Netflix and YouTube everyday and countless more on social media, checking phone every 10 mins and so much more. There’s just no limit.

As being an entrepreneur, the spike of needing to know whats the update from that potential client, and the progress on that task, and having to call countless people has made it a dopamine rushed life and probably more on weekends since we love to binge watch.

This daily consumption of dopamine has made us dependent. Can you imagine if you can just leave your phone home while going on a trip? Heck, can you even leave your phone while going for a dinner with your loved one? I know its hard.

Thats why creating a routine for a dopamine fast is the best way to start being uncomfortable. I prefer to do dopamine fast once every month on a particular Sunday. The way it works is. We always want to feel comfortable. thats why we reach out to our pockets on the first sign of being uncomfortable probably while waiting for a coffee. Thats just how we are wired and it helps us to forget about our little problems instead of addressing them and solving it. we just try to escape every little uncomfortable situation with a phone.

So how does Dopamine Fast Really Helps?

It Starts with Being Uncomfortable:
It essentially helps you to start being uncomfortable and really think about our situations while we are idle. Instead of being hooked on some other form of entertainment, work or food.

Reboots Your Reward System:
What happens when you eat a lot of pizza in one week. Would you like to eat more the next week? does it derive the same satisfaction as the week before? No it doesn’t. Same goes with dopamine. If you are always high on dopamine. It take more then a little to keep up with the motivation to do anything.

We are a simple human. In order to get something done. We think about the benefit it derives. (a.k.a reward) but if you are not satisfied by the reward since you already have a better alternative. You wouldn’t be much satisfied or motivated to get anything done.

So In order to get your reward system back in place, the dopamine fast help you to set it right by starving the need of dopamine. so once you are back in routine after the fast. All it takes is a little pump to get anything done faster.

How does it work? It’s essentially about two things. What you can do and When you can’t do while being on Dopamine Fast. First…

– You can’t watch TV
– You can’t eat any food. (not even dry fruits)
– No phone. not even checking. Unless its an emergency call.
– No laptop or surfing.
– No reading. (fictional or non-fictional)

– Take a walk in the park
– Meditate
– Drink Water
– and Most Importantly. YOU CAN WRITE.

Why writing you ask? Here’s a simple explanation.
As I said earlier, while we are on dopamine fast, we will constantly be in an uncomfortable state and presented with thoughts that may be a problem in your life (which you were deliberately trying to escape from). Such problems if taken care of would make you a happier life. So writing really helps to understand the presence of this problem and other thoughts that are bumbling around in your mind.


Dopamine Fast is a simple experiment I began a year back to get my efficiency on par and I advice everyone to do it once or every three month just to keep the effects longing for more. I hope it helps you as it did to me.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinion on Dopamine Fast. Do comment below. Cheers.

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