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Talk About Money

Most of my friends are from the startup industry. We always talk about money and yet I’ve hardly talked about it with my parents in my childhood. Why don’t we talk about money with our partners and friends. Its certainly not a bad thing. we all want money and we want more of it. All… Continue reading

Need Never Bargains Well

 You won’t make the right decision, when your life is on the line.  Go for an interview when you don’t need the job.  Go for a deal when you don’t need to close it.  Approach an investor when you don’t need funding.  Go on a date when you don’t need a girlfriend. (well, maybe!) Remember,… Continue reading

Do You Observe Enough?

I love to travel, seeing places, meeting people, eating all types of food. The one thing I love about exploring surreal places is the opportunity to live. Stay alive. And not just breathing. It’s more then that. I do like to watch how people move, live out their life. And you can’t help but notice… Continue reading