Why Understanding Your Personality and Building a Morning Routine will Help You to Achieve Anything

We all have heard about the famous personalities that wake up early and do amazing things. Yes, it took them probably decades to get into that habit and a lot longer to achieve what they have. Certainly waking up is more about lifestyle than just choosing to wake up one day and do certain things. It’s about what would you choose to do everyday first thing in the morning, how would you build that routine to be productive for you to get close to your personal goal.

In this article, I will talk about how building a morning routine for someone like us can help to get closer to our goals…


Let’s take a look at the WHY first:

Why would you wake up early tomorrow? Do you have any task to do? you have an office to reach? you want to join the gym maybe workout a little to get into your perfect shape?

There are so many WHY’s that drive each and every one of us and I believe that the only way to achieve anything is to not chase it blindly but build a lifestyle around it, build a reason to achieve it and reward yourself when you finally do.

Your WHY’s can be determined by your goals and your personal choices, but in order to change or improve your habit, we have to figure out your personality traits and go deep in your intellectual self to find what drives you.


There are four kinds of people in this world, people who are driven by: Reason, Logic, Trust, Result

  • Let’s imagine Person Adriven by Reason, you want him to do a certain task, such as buying groceries from the stores. At first, he wouldn’t be interested in doing the task, Maybe he’s got something more important to do right now. But, once you tell him the reason behind the same (if you don’t buy it right now, you won’t get dinner tonight) well that’s reasonable enough to understand that you need to do this task because your own survival on a certain level is at stake.
  • Person B is driven by Logic – He is the kind of person who understand everything before making any move, he understands things thoroughly and if it makes sense to him, he will do it at any cost. you can make him do anything unless he understand the task. Usually teenagers possess this attitude. It’s important to deal with certain personalities as you would with someone who is learning a new language, being calm and making them understanding the scenario is the best bet to get things done faster.
  • Person C is driven by Trust – They are driven by Trust, usually found in emotional beings. Most elderly men, women or compassionate person would fall into this category, and kids would be easier to describe in this section. For example a child would do anything a mother tell him/her to do. Such people are driven by trust, if you can’t build your trust with them first, you wouldn’t be able to achieve a task. That is why some people can’t be reasoned with at your office, and some people just always get things done and are favorite of your colleague. Because once you build the trust. Reason logic and result are secondary.
  • Person D is driven by Result – Most analytics minds are dominant by result oriented work and lifestyle ethic. These kind of people are always in the dilemma of what if I tried this and that. they are always searching for new ways to get things done and find out which one get the most results. If you are such kind of person, you can totally build a routine. It would just take you longer since you are always moving forward and getting closer.


Once you understand what kind of person you are, we can easily determine what will work and what not. Now you can either be one of the traits I mentioned above, (like I am driven by Reason and Results), most of us are driven by all of those but on a different level. Maybe 70% reason and 20% results and rest is not clear. It can be anything. The percentages are not important unless we find out your dominant personality. It will give us something to begin with.

Now let’s get back to how we can begin building our routine, we will go again with each traits and suggest some ways for them to get closer to building a morning routine or find ways to get closer to their goals.

  • Reason – If you are like me, you know if you don’t have any work in the morning, you probably wont even try to wake up early. but in order to get things done. you need to understand your priorities. It can be your job, fitness, family and many other factors. Once you start understanding that other variables also play a big role in your life, you will be able to allocate your time to those and get things rolling. Like if fitness is your important goal, you can probably choose to go for a half hour morning walk every morning. That will get your started.
  • Logic – these kind of personality is easy to deal with but harder to determine what will drive them to build a routine. Logically you should be able to wake up early to go gym but why it isn’t so? Sometimes logic needs a third-party validation. Maybe convincing a fiend to join you for a morning walk will do the trick? or rewarding yourself with something you love can do the trick.
  • Trust – In this case, friends and family will always do the trick. An emotional being with a push of the family member or loved ones can help you to achieve your goal. how about publishing on social media that you will run 2 Km a day? that should keep you accountable to achieve your goals. Such traits are more prone to do something if they could feel guilt or accountable for them. If they have to answer someone for it, it is probably gonna work.
  • Result – It’s easy to understand what will drive result oriented personality to wake up early? its called trial and testing. for such personality, I recommend you to use an alarm clock and find out the best possible timing to sleep and wake up in the morning. If you are like me, you would like to analyze your water and food intake. Understanding your sleep pattern with a fitness band will definitely be very helpful.

Building a morning routine is more than just getting up at 5am, doing half hour yoga, an hour gym, spending another half hour with newspaper and such. Its more about understanding your purpose for waking up early then the Sun. Why would you beat the Sun to his game if you don’t have a bigger purpose then him? and believe me, he’s got 8 freaking planets to lookout for (pluto is not a planet anymore).

Let’s Get Rolling… Let me know which personality are you and how would you build your routine.

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