Turning Life Into One Big Giant Experiment

Here we go, Since the past 6 months I have been very much active into learning how I can improve myself everyday and learn new skills faster and faster. The crave for knowledge just keeps on increasing and doing more research just add to the craving. So after long research and my passion to make myself and everyone around me better led to this decision of turning life into one big giant experiment and sharing what I learn in this journey.

The goal is simple, Improving yourself to reach the highest performance, more happiness, succeeding in business and living the life we have always dreamed of and worked hard for. In this series of articles, I will take the plunge into researching and experimenting on various topics and subjects relating to human mind and body with the help of my friends and experts in many industries.

Here’s a hint of what will be included in this personal blog from now on:



1. Meditation:

I am a believer and practitioner of meditation everyday for atleast 10 minutes in the morning. Still calculating and experimenting on how I can improve the benefits of it.


2. Biohacking:

If you are not familiar with this, I am sure you will soon. I have been learning and researching on how smart drugs (FDA approved) can help to increase your mind power and increase the input and output of information. If you have seen the movie “Limitless staring Bradley Cooper”. This is quite similar but not to hype it up as much performance in the movie but yeah it works to a certain level. In India, I will begin the research with experimentation on Ayurveda based medication which has close to no side effects and are of course more trust worthy than chemical based compounds. (If you want to know more, find out about Modafinil, Adrafinil, and other smart drugs)


3. Mind Hacking:

Other than smart drugs, there are tons of ways to improve the fitness and brain power. One of them is reading, sleeping, diet and many more. I will definitely learn more about hacking the mind to work better and faster. Creating the right mindset for work and life also comes under this category and as many famous personality has showed us that with the right mindset, no one can stop you. but with the wrong mindset, no one can help you.


4. Law of Attraction:

I have always been a big believer in learning and execution of law of attraction. how it works and how it affects the people around you. It has truly been a life changing experience since I first learned about it 3 years ago in my early high school days. My dear friend Sourav Ghosh has taught me great many things in this field and we recently created a private group to share the secrets of law of attraction. If you are interested to join the group. Get in touch with me.


5. Productivity:

As being a startup guy, I know exactly what most guys like us need. Not more time but the lessons on managing how to make the best of time we already got. Don’t we all have the same 24 hours while others are more successful then others. Well, I am ready to dive into this problem and find the solution.



1. Physical Fitness & Nutrition:

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way, I have already been doing gymming from the past 6 months and felt good difference and improvement in my energy level and shaping my body to look better. But now its time to take it to the next level. Stay tuned for that. When we talk about gym, nutrition also seems to be very important and I will do more experiment on the same with the help of my fitness expert friends which includes Abhishek Bhalerao, Mohammad Adil and Vaibhav Kitta.


2. Learning New Skills:

I am always on the verge of learning new skills, When I was 12 years old. I loved to dance and have been a athletic boy all my school and college life but the curiosity of trying new things never fail to cease me. Learning about simple things such as how to drive, play a sport, play a guitar excites me a lot and I will make sure to share more information on how to hack the mind to do it better by reducing the learning curve. That’s the goal.


3. The Art of Learning:

Since the beginning, we have given importance to education but the system doesn’t really equip you to grasp the knowledge you need in less time. therefore, the knowledge of how to learn anything is way more important and that’s what I will focus on in this topic. My dear friend Abhishek Shetty, he has published 2 books on this subjects and given more then 100 speeches till the age of 21 and has taught me a lot about how anyone can master the art of learning. We will make sure to explore more and share the information with you all.


4. Interview with Experts, Achievers and Entrepreneurs:

What’s more awesome then learning from the wisdom of amazing experts, achievers and entrepreneurs in their field. Most successful entrepreneurs are already working on the super human level without even knowing it and I will make sure to debug their secrets and bring it to you.



1. Startups and my journey:

As being in the startup industry from the past 4 years and working with many amazing entrepreneurs, I will share my knowledge on that aspects. As a matter of fact, apart from building 3 ventures and failing in around 5. I have learned the things that set it apart and needs to be shared with you all. Stay connected for the same. Make sure to subscribe to this personal blog.


2. Marketing strategies:

Marketing is one of my most trivial skills I have acquired over the years and still learning on how to do it better. Some secrets are definitely worth sharing and debugging more secrets in this industry is worth it.


Note: If you are aware about my previous Young Entrepreneurship Mindset campaign which Launched in the early 2014 and dropped due to certain problems will be continued on this personal blog. I am always in the search for amazing young entrepreneurs who are changing the world. If you are one of them, do get in touch with me at hi[@]chirag.co.


I can’t wait to get started in this journey. Some people I would truly love to thank are Charmi Mehta, Avish Hakani, Akash Katta, Jitendra Vaswani, Shivam Mishra, and many other who have helped me in this journey. Let’s begin and reach the highest level of performance and live the life we all deserve.

I would love to know your feedback on this article. Please comment below and let me know what do you think. You can also email me anytime.

5 Comments Turning Life Into One Big Giant Experiment

  1. Jitendra Vaswani August 3, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Hey Chirag, This is wonderful to see you are growing at steady rate. I have never seen any young passionate entrepreneur like you. You are always full of dedication and have immense passion for your work. Law of attraction is awesome. Have you seen video of Sandeep Maheshwari. It is awesome. Law of attraction works.

  2. Brian Howden August 3, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    [note: website not launched yet…completion and launch by end September]

    Chirag….this is a very exciting article, and I can feel the energy and vision you have, and are applying to your amazing life development system/plan.
    I can’t wait to read and learn more.
    At 65, I’m still developing, learning, curious about everything, exploring new and long established personal development techniques and modalities. I love learning from young dynamic guys like yourself Chirag…you are certainly a man to follow and listen to, and will be a huge inspiration to people of all ages.

  3. Mansyij Das August 5, 2015 at 10:18 am

    Chirag , What an honest and spellbind perspective of life that you have witnessed courtesy of your Life_changing experiment . This is a kind of post rare and reflecting the passion inside you . Keep digging deep and discover the vital resources of Life.
    You inspired me today brother . #Thank_you & Keep rocking !!

  4. Gus Hanno May 17, 2016 at 8:51 am

    You’re so awesome! I do not suppose I’ve read a single
    thing like this before. So wonderful to discover somebody with genuine thoughts on this subject.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This site is something that’s needed on the web,
    someone with a bit of originality!

  5. Gaurav Vashisht September 10, 2016 at 5:27 pm

    awesome life lessons are there on your website.

    Your meditation part I love the most from your whole article.
    best of luck for your future.


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