The Focus Funnel: Boost Productivity and Multiply Time with a Purpose

Productivity is a very relative term these days, sending 100 emails, pitch 5 clients, get some work done. No that’s not productivity. I like to define it as a process you can follow to break your own records every single day. Because the only secret to success and a proven method is not getting things done. It’s to be able to multiply your time doing it.

Now what do you mean by multiplying your time you say? We all know time is the only asset we have that is limited for all of us. (24 hours a day, in case you live on some other planet. You don’t count) successful people have been able to multiply time everyday.

There are various methods for doing it. Easiest is to delegate to someone else, hire people to do it for you. in that case, you still have to manage them. I know you can hire a manager too, but who’s gonna handle that guy? ultimately its your job to be able to do things in the end and if you are still on the same 24 hours to do thing? Well we got a problem.


So how we can multiply time? There is one principle I like to follow.

You can multiply your time by giving yourself the Emotional Permission  to spend time on things today that will give you more time Tomorrow.

Did you get that? Let me elaborate. We are all limited to do things today. Currently most of us use a to-do list system to track our work. If you’re smart.  You might also create a Not-To-Do List. Yeah people do that. But do you really think about what kind of results will you create in the future probably months ahead for your action today? Maybe you should.

Let’s dive into how can we execute today and create results for tomorrow while multiplying our time with The Focus Funnel.

ELIMINATE: Your first task is to create a list of things you need to do, whether short term or long term. Thing’s that are important either right away or maybe some months later. Now your priority is to execute all the things that take 2 minutes or less to eliminate and can’t be automated or delegated.

NOW: Can you eliminate it in less then 2 minutes? Does it generate results? If not. Move it to LATER.


AUTOMATE: Now the list of remaining tasks, find out those that you can automate. Is there a software to automate the posting on social media. Automate everything that can done. Do some research. I’ll share some resources at the end of this article to help out.

NOW: Can you automate it? If not, Move it to LATER or DELEGATE.


DELEGATE: Find out which are the tasks that you can delegate to some one else? Like writing an article. You don’t have to write down every word. Just find an intern to do it for you then brush it up with your own skills in less then 10 minutes. Such things help to speed things up.

NOW: Can you delegate it to someone else? If not. Does it generate results right now? Do it yourself. If not, Move to Later.


The Differentiation:

Impact NOW: The challenge is to figure out the things that has an impact right now, finish them off first. and move on to things that has future impact. Find what from all the three sections above. If you need to do it now and generate results. If it can be eliminated, automate or delegated right now. Do it. Move on to the most important section.

Impact LATER: Figure out what you need to do not just on the basis of their priority but also its Impact and significance. If you do one thing today, does it get you result tomorrow or next month? The farther you reach. The more time you can multiply today. These tasks will help you determine what you need to do in advance in order to be able to multiple the time for the future right now.  who knows how far you will go until that time comes by.


In the startup industry, It is said that. The Innovator is the one who can predict and change faster then time.

I hope this article helps you to be more productive. If you have any questions. Do get in touch with me anytime. Text me on Messenger or Email at hi [@]

Visit Resources Page for the list of tools you can use to automate your work.

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