Taking On The One Book A Week Challenge


I hate the need the publicly share something like a new years resolution just to make yourself accountable for the sake of it. Most of the tasks are written in my journey and we are already halfway through 2018. So this comes out to be as a special occasion out of the ordinary and the need for me to take on this journey. Better late then never.

Reading books hasn’t always been my favorite thing to do. But I’ve always been more focused on how can I be more productive and spend the time in a way that can provide me with most satisfaction over long term. So Far, I’ve only been able to read one book a month and sometimes more. Although, I deliberately make it a chore to read 5 medium articles a day. Its nowhere close to the feeling of expanded mind comparing to a book.


The Motivation? 

In two words. Satisfaction. and Growth. Its been a habit for me to make sure that the day has been seized no matter what. weekdays are mostly set aside for deliberate work in startups. And weekends for personal gain. But this year I rather take it personally to challenge myself in learning more and more. and not just on weekends.


The Strategy? 

I’ve decided to pick out 3 areas of progress as suggested by a good friend. The Personal, Business and Spiritual. Since personal and business are still very broad terms. I’ll begin to get on many areas of books. beginning from learning about mindset, how to think and express properly, strategy thinking, etc. Mostly focused around mind in personal.

Second business books. Mostly in Sales and Marketing since that is the area of my skills I want to learn more and more about.

I have decided to be open minded for spiritual section. I’ll let it surprise me.

I’ll go in deep in any of the subjects in a given month and dabble around until I learn what I need to and practically experiment it. then move on to the next.


Am I Being Accountable?

As a way for me to make sure that what I have learned. Am I making the most effective use of it or not. To assure the case, I’ll be posting a good summary of what I learned in a given week and of course post the most important lessons on twitter and other social channels. I have already added a resource page here. You can go through to read about previous books I have read and the lessons. but this time I’ll be more elaborate on the same.

I already have a good amount of books in the wait-list. So won’t be taking any more. As they say. Fill only what you can drink.

So let’s begin, do follow me on twitter for your suggestions.

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