Here’s what I’m up to right NOW.


What am I currently reading, working on, and bingeing on Netflix? Find out below…


Hi, I’m Chirag

I’m Currently Working On: 

  1. Building ClanUp, An on-demand talent network for highly curated individuals in tech.
  2. Turning Milo LogiX into a sustainable logistics intelligence startup. 
  3. Working on the next Mumbai Startup Fest (tentative date is 19th March) with the team at Navayuvak Entrepreneurs. 
  4. Planning our next meetup at Trello Mumbai. 


Things I’ve Enjoyed Recently:

  1. Along with my friend Avish, We built a habit of practicing Pool every Sunday evening. 2 months strong ritual now. 
  2. Reading The Alchemist
  3. Working out of WorkAmp Coworking Space, moving out this month but loved the 3 months spent here. 
  4. Bingeing Titans


This page was last updated on 20th February, 2019; NOW page inspired by Derek Sivers

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