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From One Moment to Another

The meaning of life is sometimes as simple as living from one moment to another. When’s the last time you remember a moment that brought you pure joy? Maybe on your last trip to work, your last road trip to some corner of the city or as simple as walking down the road (as we… Continue reading

Value of Thought

A good friend of mine recently said, thought is very valuable and worth paying a lot. He, then went ahead and shared an example, a business in real estate industry is dependent on thought, you can sell a house for 50L but if you put in a lot of thought in tiny details, in the… Continue reading

Limits are Inherited

Of course they are, we are only human.  Realising your limits are the first step in understanding the limits of your imagination. No one ever surpassed their imagination. Knowing the limits helps in setting a foundation to climb and dreaming bigger.  Knowing your limits is the secret in surpassing them. 

Building Art in Moments

One of the highest goal of my life would be to turn moments into art. Ability to build a story of the highest yet unimagined feat that a person can achieve followed by another and another and the goal is to make it a series of goals that doesn’t seem connected but is.