I am the last one on the right. Along with Punit Jain (founder of IncubateIND in the middle) and Ayush Srivastava (Former Growth Hacker at Awesummly on the left) at a Hackathon organized by Punit in Bangalore.

24 year old entrepreneur from Mumbai. Started first venture at the age of 16, Plorez. My passion lies in working with startups, corporates and organizations to build and expand their businesses via strategic decision making, team building, culture development, digital marketing and branding.


My Life Story

Born in Mumbai, India. If anyone were to ask me what I would be for the rest of my life when I was 14 years old, the answer would probably be a choreographer or athlete and definitely not an entrepreneur. Heck, I didn’t even knew what it meant until 18. Most of my life I have spent learning about different skills ranging from working with my father in metal industry since I was 5 years old. Learned the importance of building entrepreneurial mindset when I was 15, met some amazing people on the way and worked my way with 50 companies and founded 6 ventures and 2 organizations, and the best part is, I love it all. well, not everyday.


Entrepreneurial Life

Growing up in mumbai, a city that never sleeps. There’s been ample amount of time to learn about everything you need to get on with your business every single day, with a curiosity and passion towards technology, started doing research on web development, internet marketing, hosting and many other industry. Launched my first business when I was 16 into web development industry and since the past 4 years worked within several industries ranging from Travel, Event Management, Real Estates and more. The vision of founding plorez was helping young students and entrepreneurs by providing them resources, mentorship and tools to launch their own startup and creating an ecosystem to accelerate. On the other side of the coin providing solutions for Marketing & IT to organizations and corporates. I am more of a startup enthusiast and love to explore and connect with young entrepreneurs. Also initiated “Young Entrepreneurs Mindset”, a campaign to find the coolest young entrepreneurs all around India. I was also cofounder of a youth organization “Global Youth Forum & Navayuvak Entrepreneurs” both are NPO that focuses on providing a platform for the youth and empowering student entrepreneurship.

Apart from the usual work, I am an avid reader, I like to discover new things and enjoy outdoor sports. I crave adventure, love to travel and live by my favorite quote “No matter what time it is, Get up, Dress up, Show up and Never Give up.” You can download my profile to know more.