10 Apps I use Everyday to Stay Productive

As an entrepreneur, staying productive and not wasting time on social media is my top priority. These are the top 10 apps I use everyday to stay productive.


1. Google Keep & Tasks – my favorite note taking, list and task management app from Google.

Since the launch of Keep, I’ve been a active user. Never really liked Evernote because of the UX/UI or just its ability to make things complex. I just wanted a simple and clean note taking app and google keep has always been that. Recently launched Google Tasks has been tremendously helpful in making list right into gmail. where I spend most of my time setting in priority tasks or sending emails. The mobile app is even better and clean.


2. Medium – For reading

Medium is one of the last places on the internet that makes quality content useful for both the writers and readers. I love to read the content in my interest topics and it keeps me productive. I have a set time everyday. Usually 20 mins in the morning while I’m travelling to quickly go through my reading list on the topics which I am trying to learn about. I pick a self help topics every week and focus on it throughout. also have been trying out my hand as a writer and it feels pretty good to bring out the experiences.


3. Feedly – For Newsbytes

If you are from India, I should tell you. I have never used any regional news apps or even Inshorts. It’s still the most unproductive way to consume news media. So I use feedly. I have carefully crafted my interest and news blogs that I subscribe to provide me with useful information in a gist.


4. Coach.me – To Stay focused on my goals

I am not perfect, It takes me a while to get back on track after a fun weekend or festival season and to especially to remind myself for a regular workout session or drinking every 2 hours. its not easy. Since I have also been suffering from a addiction since the past 6 years. I took my chance with Coach.me to figure out how to get on track and actually make progress on the goal. Its been very helpful and the community is just there to help each other. Apart from Coach.me, I also use Habitbull to track daily progress.


5. Truecaller – For pretty much everything about call & SMS.

I am an Android lover (yeah, I know) but I still pretty much hate the default call and message app. Its just so blend and useless when it comes to important tasks or calls needed to make. Since the day I first began using Truecaller, I’ve been hook and have always been a premium user. If you are not, Just try the no ads experience. Its worth it.


6. Google Podcast – To consume knowledge while I am on the move.

Android doesn’t get good experience when it comes to podcasting unlike itunes which almost always has the most popular podcast. I’ve tried using countless apps for listening to my favorite podcast but nothing beats the recently launched Google Podcast app. Its nice and clean. I am only subscribed to 4 channels which I listen closely to grow myself. Kwik Brain by Jim Kwik, TED Talks Daily, Tony Robbins Podcast & Tim Ferriss Show.


7. Trello – For team collaboration and communication

Trello is my one hub for everything related to work or management of my business. I have been using trello since the past 2 years in multiple startups and teams. The best thing I like about it is the ability to create list and assign the right task to team members. If you are not using it, I highly recommend it.


8. Google Drive – For file and docs management.

Honestly, Google drive is just easy. I have used box and dropbox for a little while in the past but it doesn’t compare to google. its just there and seamlessly integrates with everything else. I don’t remember the last time I used windows office on my laptop for any use. replaced all the excel sheet, docs, and presentation apps to google ecosystem and its just convenient.


9. Buffer – For Social Media Management

If you are actively using social media, you know as well as I do that creating content on daily or weekly basis is so hard and sometimes you just can’t think of anything. So most of the time I just schedule chunks of content for different social media platforms and leave it there to be published without me focusing on daily or weekly basis to keep continuing new content. It keeps me productive and not a slave of social media.


10. IFTTT – For everything else that needs to be automated.

If you haven’t heard about IFTTT then you are in for a treat. Most of the simple tasks you do on your mobile are repetitive and can be automated. Like I have automatically posted all my Instagram pics on twitter. If I change my twitter profile photo, it automatically changes on all the other social profiles too. All this little things make a huge impact on your social media strategy. Theres unlimited things that you can do. Just be creative and productive.



I hope you like the above tools and apps that I use everyday to keep myself free and productive. I will definitely share more tips on the above specific apps on how we can make it better. Till then. Ciao. Do share your favourite app in the comment below.

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